Merish 4, Touch the music

Merish 4 is a touchscreen workstation that plays backing tracks and music files in Midi, Mp3 and Mp4 Video, also with lyrics. It incorporates a digital mixer with effects, harmonizer and equalizer. Merish 4 is also an Audio recorder and Midi File Editor. It connects to the Internet via Wi – Fi and it can be used like a powerful Midi expander with a mastser keyboard connected or other peripherals. Merish 4’s new Midi sounds database includes: 386 Sampled sounds, 46 Drumkits with 480 samplings in a 128 Mb memory.


Video for Merish 3 and Merish 4

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Main Functions

sezione mixer MERISH4

Simplicity is the keyword

The touchscreen assures fast, straightforward control.
The easy learning software and Online Help combine for fast understanding of the unit’s functions.

Merish 4 reads music files in Midi and Mp3 Karaoke format, Mp3 + g, Mp4 Video.
It converts archives for Merish Plus and Merish 2. It has a 128 GB internal memory with space for tens of thousands of backing tracks.

Merish 4 connects to the Internet to download the backing tracks and share the musical experience through App.

Plays and mixes… automatically too

Merish 3 plays and mixes Midi and Mp3 files with the “Wizard” and “Go To” functions.

Mixes are possible from and to any point thanks to the use of Markers.



M-Pen Wi Fi, USB pen drive, external hard disk, PC keyboard, Computer.
Reads USB pen drives and external hard disks; reads the PC keyboard. Merish 4 has the “Master Function” which turns it into a powerful Expander: it can be connected to a Master Keyboard or Accordion to develop patches up to 4 Layer, storable in the backing tracks. Merish 4 can be connected also to a Laptop or PC/Apple and become an high quality Midi Generator.

  • Midi In – Out and Thru
  • Footswitch
  • Click
  • Video TV
  • Aux Monitor
  • Headphones
  • Balanced Audio Out
  • 2 Line input for keyboards, guitars, various instruments or players
  • 2 Mic inputs, also with phantom power



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